Schedules & Routes

Need a Schedule?

Route schedules are provided in PDF format.  If you already know the name or number of your route, locate and select it from the list to view the schedule.

Many routes service the Temporary Transfer Plaza at night and on Sundays. 

Want an overview of all our routes? Explore our System Map.

Visit our Trip Planner to easily plan your next trip or download the official GRTC Mobile App for real-time bus arrival info! 

Make sure to arrive at your bus stop approximately 5 minutes before your bus is scheduled for pick-up. This helps to ensure you will not miss your scheduled bus. Please be patient while waiting for your bus.

Schedule Information

GRTC's most recent service updates occurred Sunday, June 24, 2018.

Please send any routing questions or comments to:

Phone: (804) 358-3871
Mail: Planning Division, GRTC Transit System, 301 East Belt Boulevard, Richmond VA  23224