GRTC Launches “Did You Know?” Campaign

GRTC completed installation of its largest bus advertising campaign in company history. The educational campaign called “Did You Know?” highlights nine key facts about GRTC riders and transit’s positive impacts on the communities served by GRTC. To accomplish this ambitious campaign, GRTC partnered with four local companies: RVA Graphics & Wraps; Grand Graphics, Inc.; Media Transit, Inc.; and Southeastern Institute of Research (SIR).

To install the largest messages on vehicles, GRTC proudly partnered with local vehicle wrap company RVA Graphics & Wraps to complete the most complex part of the project. Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson, project leader of RVA Graphics & Wraps, says, “This is the largest project of this type our company has done by far!” Hutchinson explains working on this project has been an exciting challenge. “It’s a large project with a fast turnaround. Printing, laminating and installing take a lot of time, so time management has been our focus.” Hutchinson’s team proved up to the task, also accommodating overnight work hours to avoid disrupting GRTC’s regular operations. The innovative application technique and materials used by RVA Graphics & Wraps ensures the bus advertisements can colorfully withstand the elements for at least several years.

“Wrapping various kinds of buses has been interesting. The motor coaches are one of the largest vehicles we’ve ever worked on. We’re happy to be part of such a large campaign for GRTC and hope to continue to work together in the future,” says Hutchinson.

Videos of Installation Process by RVA Graphics & Wraps:

GRTC also used its growing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fleet for messaging. GRTC is committed to transitioning retiring vehicles to new CNG-powered buses and vans, an initiative that earned GRTC the prestigious 2015 Governor’s Green Fleet of the Year Award. Today, GRTC has the largest CNG transit fleet in the Commonwealth, with 84 CNG vehicles in fixed route (42) and paratransit (42) service, accounting for nearly 40% of GRTC’s entire fleet. In 2017, GRTC expects to swell its number of CNG vehicles to more than 110, accounting for about half of the entire fleet.


For bus board messages, GRTC also partnered with local specialty printing company Grand Graphics, Inc. Installation of these boards was completed by local bus advertising company Media Transit, Inc.


Carrie Rose Pace, GRTC Director of Communications, says, “This project was possible because of the tremendous contributions by and cooperation between departments at GRTC and the local partners working with us. Considering how many vehicles needed applications, we especially appreciate the flexibility of Hutch’s team to work at odd hours and ensure GRTC could continue to operate without disruption.” 

GRTC developed the key messages using research and data collected in 2015 by local marketing research company Southeastern Institute of Research (SIR). All nine messages are listed below.

Did You Know?

  • GRTC Has The Largest Compressed Natural Gas Transit Fleet In Virginia
  • GRTC Riders Eliminate 18 Million Pounds of Greenhouse Gas Annually
  • GRTC’s #1 Use is for Commuting to Work
  • This Bus Takes 56 Cars Off The Road (message on motor coach buses)
  • This Bus Talks and Beeps for Everyone’s Safety
  • More Than 28,000 Riders Use GRTC Every Weekday
  • GRTC Riders Contribute $2 Million Into RVA’s Economy Every Year
  • 60% of RVA Businesses Have Employees Who Depend On Transit
  • This Bus Frees Up 56 Downtown Parking Spaces (message on motor coach buses)

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GRTC Transit System’s mission is to provide clean, safe, and reliable transportation and to improve mobility and access throughout Central Virginia.